Classes and exams

What is the service about: 

As established by law, students with SLD may require some dispensatory and compensatory measures to follow the lessons and take exams at the university.

Depending on the conditions and the specific difficulties of the person, to attend classes the following can be used :

  • Devices for recording lectures 
  • Texts in digital format 
  • Text-to-speech devices
  • Other technological and IT tools.


Moreover, again in keeping with  the certificate presented, and in agreement with the relevant Professor holding the exam, the following interventions are possible:

  • Additional time for exams ( up to 30 % more than the time given to other students ) 
  • A quiet work station in which to do the exam
  • Oral rather than written examinations, taking into account also the individual’s abilities 
  • For written tests, a reduction in quantity, though not in quality, of the work assigned may be possible, if it is not possible to grant extra time
  • In marking, considering the content rather than the form or the orthography 
  • The use of specific technological and IT aids in connection with the specific diagnosis 


How to request the service: 

Each student with a certified SLD or SEN  may contact  the Service, at enrolment, in order to be helped in studying and in taking exams, by filling out the form.


The request for our services must be presented in advance and remains valid for the whole course of studies


Following the request, we issue a document that the student can show, if necessary, to the Professors. The student is free to choose whether to inform the Professor about the measures he/she is entitled to, or not make use of them and remain anonymous. 


If the student wishes to use the service for an exam, he/she must contact the relevant Professor ( or request our mediation – link) at least 15 working days before the end of the course for which the exam is intended. 


Who grants the service: 

The request is received and evaluated by the SLD Service. The service is provided if it  is in keeping with the diagnosis and then the procedures are agreed with the relevant Professor.


Last update: 07-27-2022 - 17:04