Disability Service



The Disability Service is both a physical place and a virtual space, open to male and female students with disabilities who wish to attend, or who are already attending, the University of Trieste courses.  

The University, under the Law 17 of 1999 and the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 9 April 2001 ( link to legislation ), provides students with disabilities with tools and services to overcome barriers and to promote their  maximum possible autonomy in studying.


For the services to be granted, it is always necessary to contact the Disability Service, presenting a valid certificate of disability. For students who are then registered by the Service, there is financial support ( see also the link to the Ardiss services ) and dedicated services to ensure access to higher education, attendance at courses, aids and supports necessary for educational activities. 


If you are a disabled student this service can support you in your course of study ... Find out how!


NOTE : The Disability Certificate must be valid and it must show the percentage of disability assigned, and the review date ( if any). Remember that the certificate you give us remains strictly confidential and would be accessible only to the trained Staff of the Service.

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