Coordinator appointed by the Rector

The Law 17 dtd. 28 January 1999 ( link) states that the Universities must identify a Coordinator, a Professor delegated by the Rector to coordinate, monitor and support all necessary actions for the integration of disabled students within their University. August 24, 2017, Professor Elena Bortolotti, who can be reached at the email address or at the phone numbers 040 558 3663,  was appointed Coordinator at the University of Trieste for the " Special educational needs and disabilities ".


According to the new regulations on specific learning disabilities ( link), the area of intervention of the Coordinator was expanded to include the students with SLD too.


The Coordinator is then asked to be the point of reference with regard to disability issues and SLD both within the University and with the relevant bodies outside the University, such as the regional agencies for the right to study ( ARDISS ), institutions and administrative bodies, regional offices, educational authorities and secondary schools, associations, businesses and employment agencies.


The Coordinator is by right a member of the  CNUDD ( link), the University Consultancy for Disability as stated by art . 3 of the CNUDD regulation.

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