Who are we?



The University of Trieste Disability Service and Service for students with specific learning disabilities ( SLD ) provides support to the students throughout their whole academic career, from enrolment on.


Professor Ilaria Garofolo is the person in charge of the Service, and is the Coordinator appointed by the Rector in 2015 for the " Special educational needs and disabilities ". The Staff employed at the Services are trained and experienced in coaching and managing students with disabilities or SLD.


Our history 

The Disability Service at the University of Trieste was set up in 2001, following Law no. 17 of 1999 ( link ) in order to meet the needs of students with disabilities.


In 2011, after Law no. 170 of 2010 ( link) came into force, recognizing SLD as involving separate issues from disabilities, the Service was expanded and became " The Service for Disability and for SLD ".


We thus have one Service, divided into two subsections: the Disability Service ( link) and the SLD Service ( link) .


What do we do?

The aim of the Service in its two subsections is to identify and implement the most appropriate means of intervention for each disabled student, or student with SLD, so that his/her university career is as effective and independent as possible.


What our Staff do is always agreed with the student beforehand, and is prepared according to the real problems he/she faces. The approach is therefore to be there as a support intended to promote the autonomy of the individual and enhance his/her sense of independence.

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