Key words of the service

RESPECTRespect is the core value of our work. From respect for disability and different learning abilities you develop respect for all the differences, such as those related to gender, age, ethnic origin, language, religion or sexual orientation
AUTONOMYIncreasing knowledge and skills and one’s own autonomy during the university years is a primary objective to be achieved together through the active participation between the students and the Service
RELATIONSHIPVisiting the Service or contacting it by telephone or by e- mail, you will see how focusing on the relationship is a priority for us. In a climate of acceptance and respect, collaboration will become simpler and satisfactory
MEETING A NEEDThe Service does not act as an emergency response but tries to build a path with the student, and therefore responds in a timely and personalized way  to the demands and needs expressed , whether it be to the supports to teaching, or to the mediation in the relationship with the professors, the demand for assistive devices, accessibility or other needs
OVERCOMING BARRIERSThe service promotes inclusion, to make the path of disabled university students or students with  SLD an enriching experience both as far as the  training - professionalizing aspects are concerned, as well as for those regarding relationships
RAISING AWARENESSThe work of our Service is also aimed at raising awareness in other students, and the teaching and administrative staff of the University concerning the issues of inclusion, and respect for diversity, and for working against discrimination
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