Entrance Test

What is the service about: 

As established by law (link), students with SLD or with SEN may require some dispensatory and compensatory measures for the admission tests to the various degree courses at the university.


Subject to the conditions and the specific difficulties of the person, the options would be:

  • Additional time to do the test (up to 30% more than the time given to other students ) 
  • A quiet work station in which to do the exam
  • Using specific assistive technology and IT tools depending on the individual’s needs 
  • If there is no text-to-speech device, the student can ask to be assisted by a tutor specialised in reading. In any case the request shall be in keeping with the diagnosis submitted.
  • For particularly serious cases of certified SLD, the Universities, being autonomous, can consider further measures to ensure equal opportunities in the exams.


How to request the service: 

The service must be requested by contacting the SLD Service at least 15 working days before the test you want to sit and by filling out the form.


Who grants the service: 

The request is received by the SLD Service, evaluated and provided following any guidelines provided by the examination board of the individual degree course. The service is provided, according to the University’s resources, if it is in keeping with the diagnosis presented and if it is accepted by the examination board.


Last update: 08-03-2022 - 09:43