Former PhD Students | Earth Science, Fluid-Dynamics, and Mathematics. Interactions and Methods

Former PhD Students

Name Cycle Research Title Supervisor Research Field
Areggi Giulia XXXIV Ciclo Bonini Lorenzo Structural Geology
Blondel Simon XXXIV Ciclo Camerlenghi Angelo Not yet defined
Bourabee Donna M A M S XXXIV Ciclo Aoudia Abdelkrim Geophysics of Solid Earth
Cairoli Francesca XXXIV Ciclo Bayesian reasoning to monitor and control the behavior of large-scale cyber-physical systems acting in uncertain environments Bortolussi Luca Luca Bortolussi Computer Science
Douss Nessim XXXIV Ciclo Rebesco Michele Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Geology
Facca Andrea XXXIV Ciclo Pipan Michele Applied Geophysics
Farooq Asma XXXIV Ciclo will be considered. Maset Stefano Numerical Analysis
Lanzoni Alessandra XXXIV Ciclo Pipan Michele Applied Geophysics
Navarro Labastida Rene Gabriel XXXIV Ciclo Farneti Riccardo Oceanography and Atmospheric Physics
Pezzolo Fabio XXXIV Ciclo Mitidieri Enzo Mathematical Analysis
Pochini Enrico XXXIV Ciclo Oceanographic modelling of the Ross Sea (Southern Ocean) under past climatic and bathymetric conditions Forte Emanuele Oceanography and Atmospheric Physics
Sbaiz Gabriele XXXIV Ciclo Some stability and instability issues in the dynamics of highly rotating fluids Del Santo Daniele Mathematical Analysis
Venier Marco XXXIV Ciclo Lenaz Davide Mineralogy
Zampa Luigi Sante XXXIV Ciclo Camerlenghi Angelo Geophysics of Solid Earth
Bellucci Massimo Stefano XXXIII Ciclo Camerlenghi Angelo Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Geology
Cataldi Laura XXXIII Ciclo Improving the quality of seismic monitoring by development of novel ground motion prediction techniques Costa Giovanni Geophysics of Solid Earth
Del Gobbo Costanza XXXIII Ciclo Use of the Regional Climate Model, RegCM4, to assess the precipitation patterns responsible for the onset of the Tagliamento glacier before and during the LGM, in the south-eastern Alps. Giorgi Filippo Oceanography and Atmospheric Physics
Elkosiri Heba Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim XXXIII Ciclo Forte Emanuele Not yet defined
Ford Jonathan XXXIII Ciclo Geophysical characterisation of submarine landslides Camerlenghi Angelo Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Geology
Maddaloni Francesca XXXIII Ciclo Lithospheric structure and tectonic evolution of intracratonic basins: the Congo basin natural laboratory Braitenberg Carla Geophysics of Solid Earth