Former PhD Students | Earth Science, Fluid-Dynamics, and Mathematics. Interactions and Methods

Former PhD Students

Name Cycle Research Title Supervisor Research Field
Foroozani Najmeh XXVI Ciclo Niemela Joseph James Fluid Dynamics
Galea Anthony XXVI Ciclo Armenio Vincenzo Hydraulics
Hariri Saeed XXV Ciclo Crise Alessandro Oceanography and Atmospheric Physics
Rivetti Sabrina XXV Ciclo Omari Pierpaolo Mathematical Analysis
Siena Martina XXV Ciclo Guadagnini Alberto Hydraulics
Sosnowski Pawel XXV Ciclo Armenio Vincenzo Hydraulics
Varshney Hirdesh XXV Ciclo Armenio Vincenzo Hydraulics
Da Col Federico XXIX Ciclo Vesnaver Aldo Geophysics of Solid Earth
Di Biagio Valeria XXIX Ciclo Salon Stefano Oceanography and Atmospheric Physics
Di Sante Fabio XXIX Ciclo Giorgi Filippo Oceanography and Atmospheric Physics
Dossi Matteo XXIX Ciclo Pipan Michele Applied Geophysics
Javed Farhan XXIX Ciclo Abdelkrim Aoudia Geophysics of Solid Earth
Jourabian Mahmoud XXIX Ciclo Armenio Vincenzo Hydraulics
Petrini Michele XXIX Ciclo Camerlenghi Angelo Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Geology
Popesso Chiara XXIX Ciclo Fontolan Giorgio Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Geology
Berta Maristella XXIV Ciclo Not yet defined
Pivetta Marco XXIV Ciclo Del Santo Daniele Mathematical Analysis
Soulis Pavlos XXIV Ciclo Not yet defined
Stipcich Goran XXIV Ciclo Not yet defined
Barimalala Rondrotiana XXIII Ciclo Not yet defined