This PhD program aims at the interdisciplinary training of students in the field of the Earth system science, with special attention to the interactions between earth science, fluid-dynamics and applied mathematics, as well as to the interplay of methodological aspects, modeling and applications.

This course promotes the preparation of students through the investigation of the scientific themes developed by the research groups belonging to the departments and the research institutions directly involved in the program, as well as through international collaborations with qualified foreign structures that provide students with the opportunity to attend training programs abroad.

In the field of earth sciences, the main objective is the transfer of knowledge on advanced methods of investigation with applications to the study of composition, structure, stratigraphy and evolution of our planet, from the close surface up to the deep structures and the characteristics at a global scale.

In the context of fluid mechanics, the study of motion of the fluids is mainly addressed with reference to their transport properties, dispersion and mixing in environmental or industrial processes, as well as to their interaction with the solid elements.

The fundamental laws, which these disciplines are based upon, are generally expressed through highly complex mathematical models. The qualitative and quantitative study of such models requires the development and the application of sophisticated mathematical tools, and it represents a relevant and topical research field even from the mathematical point of view. Mathematics therefore pervades the entire program, playing a central and unifying role. 

Since 2017 this program has been assessed as an innovative, interdisciplinary and international PhD course by ANVUR, the Italian Agency for the Research Evaluation. 

This PhD course is based at the Department of Mathematics and Geosciences at the University of Trieste, that has been awarded the title of Department of Excellence 2018-2022 from MIUR, the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

The program is in collaboration with: