Q: Is the program in Italian?
A: No, the Program is in English and PhD students are required to know English.

Q: Do you accept e-mail applications?
A: No, we cannot accept e-mail applications. You are required to submit an on-line application form. Details are in the section Application.

Q: What is the Fiscal code?

A: It is the social security number, or the identification number you were assigned by the administration of your country since your birth.

Q: What is the administrative fee?
A: It is the fee you must pay by the deadline to participate to the selection. It does not guarantee the admission and it will not be refunded whether or not you are admitted to the program.

Q: Do you provide accommodation?
The school has no student accommodation of its own but short term lodging (2-3 weeks) is available at the Guest House of the University of Trieste. The cost of a small apartment is about 15 EUR per day.

Q: What is the amount of the scholarship?
The scholarship amounts to 15.343,28 EUR per year and last for three years. The scholarship is increased by 50% for periods abroad up to one year.

Q: Do you offer Italian classes?
The school doesn't provide language courses, but the students can take the free Italian courses offered by the University of Trieste or by ICTP(link is external).

Q. How are the candidates selected?
The candidates must send some documents by the deadline (see application). A Selection Committee will analyze the documents and makes the selection. The candidates are not expected to go to Trieste for the selection.

Last update: 05-18-2019 - 09:34