Current PhD Students | Earth Science, Fluid-Dynamics, and Mathematics. Interactions and Methods

Current PhD Students

Title Cycle Research project Supervisor Research strand
Cataldi Laura XXXIII Ciclo Ground motion parameters identification for seismic monitoring and multi-parametric Ground Motion to Intensity Conversion Equations definition for Italy Costa Giovanni Geophysics of Solid Earth
Del Gobbo Costanza XXXIII Ciclo Use of the Regional Climate Model, RegCM4, to assess the precipitation patterns responsible for the onset of the Tagliamento glacier before and during the LGM, in the south-eastern Alps. GIORGI FILIPPO GEO/12
Ford Jonathan XXXIII Ciclo Geophysical characterisation of submarine landslides CAMERLENGHI ANGELO Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Geology
Maddaloni Francesca XXXIII Ciclo Lithospheric structure and tectonic evolution of intracratonic basins: the Congo basin natural laboratory Braitenberg Carla Geophysics of Solid Earth
Marković Sara XXXIII Ciclo Turbulent mixing and internal waves in closed basins Armenio Vincenzo Hydraulics
Pivetta Tommaso Ferruccio Maria XXXIII Ciclo Gravimetry for monitoring water mass movements Braitenberg Carla Geophysics of Solid Earth
Thapa Hari Ram XXXIII Ciclo 3D regional seismic velocity and mapping of the lithospheric discontinuities in active plate boundary regions: Method development and Application to the Himalaya region in Nepal. AOUDIA ABDELKRIM Geophysics of Solid Earth
Collia Dario XXXII Ciclo Fluid dynamics on the natural and prolapsed mitral valve Pedrizzetti Gianni Industrial Bioengineering
Ertuncay Deniz XXXII Ciclo Temporal and spacial analysis of near fault stations in terms of impulsive behaviour Costa Giovanni Geophysics of Solid Earth
Kubin Elisabeth XXXII Ciclo Intermediate Water formation and biological processes in the Levantine Sea POULAIN PIERRE MARIE GEO/12
Manu-Marfo Daniel XXXII Ciclo Crust - Upper mantle structure and Geodynamics of the Tyrrhenian Basin and surrounding regions AOUDIA ABDELKRIM Geophysics of Solid Earth
Pastorutti Alberto XXXII Ciclo Indirect estimates on the lithospheric thermal structure from satellite gravimetry Braitenberg Carla Carla Braitenberg Geophysics of Solid Earth
Rocca Andrea XXXII Ciclo Large-Eddy simulation of fully appended submarine in stratified flow Armenio Vincenzo Hydraulics
Bianchin Luca XXXI Ciclo Low-frequency Reconstruction of Seismic Records for Elastic Parameter Estimation Pipan Michele Michele Pipan; Emanuele Forte Applied Geophysics
Campomaggiore Francesca XXXI Ciclo Meandering. Part 1: Turbulent mixing in sharp meander bends. Part 2: Mathematical Model for Meandering Rivers with Spatial Width Variations. Armenio Vincenzo Stefano Lanzoni Hydraulics
Candoni Oliviero XXXI Ciclo Morphodynamic evolution of mass movements in the Crotone-Spartivento forearc basin, Southern Italy, through geological and geophysical data integration CERAMICOLA SILVIA Ceramicola Silvia Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Geology
Fantini Adriano XXXI Ciclo Flood risk estimation due to extreme climate phenomena over Italy Coppola Erika Erika Coppola GEO/12
Ferrante Giulia Matilde XXXI Ciclo Gas emissions in the Northern Adriatic Sea Camerlenghi Angelo Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Geology
Graffino Giorgio XXXI Ciclo A study of the mechanisms of decadal variability of the tropical oceans and its impacts on Arabian Peninsular climate KUCHARSKI FRED Fred Kucharski GEO/12