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Current PhD Students

Title Cycle Research Title Supervisor Research Field
Bartolomei Beatrice XXXVI Ciclo Non assegnato
Braidotti Nicoletta XXXVI Ciclo Non assegnato
Chesnyak Valeria XXXVI Ciclo Non assegnato
D'Amico Lorenzo XXXVI Ciclo Non assegnato
Dagur Deepak XXXVI Ciclo Non assegnato
Lentini Campallegio Claudio XXXVI Ciclo Non assegnato
Paba Carolina XXXVI Ciclo Non assegnato
Rozhin Petr XXXVI Ciclo Non assegnato
Talukdar Smritirekha XXXVI Ciclo Non assegnato
Zangari Martina XXXVI Ciclo Non assegnato
Zingaro Federica XXXVI Ciclo Non assegnato
Bisetto Matteo XXXV Ciclo A study inside the photo-catalytic behavior of well defined Cu2O nanoparticles Fornasiero Paolo General and Inorganic Chemistry
Costa Filippo XXXV Ciclo Study of soft nanoparticles for drugs delivery PRATO STEFANO Material Physics
Cretella Matteo XXXV Ciclo Design, synthesis and use of organic/inorganic nanoparticles protected by fluorinated ligands as nanomaterial for imaging and therapy Pasquato Lucia Organic Chemistry
Kirti Magdhi XXXV Ciclo Non assegnato
Loi Federico XXXV Ciclo Investigation of structural and chemical properties of mass-selected clusters supported by 2D materials and oxides Baraldi Alessandro Material Physics
Mauri Silvia XXXV Ciclo Investigation of the surface reactivity of catalysts by operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy with Synchrotron radiation TORELLI PIERO Material Physics
Raciti Edoardo XXXV Ciclo Characterization and modeling of some carbon nitride-based materials Prato Maurizio Organic Chemistry
Steffè Aharon XXXV Ciclo Triple-action nanoplatform for theranostic applications in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) TOFFOLI GIUSEPPE Pharmacology
Taleblou Mina XXXV Ciclo Controlling the oxidizability of supported Platinum nanoclusters PICCININ SIMONE Material Physics