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Current PhD Students

Name Cycle Research Title Supervisor Research Field
Berti Andrea XXXVIII Ciclo Growth and characterization of novel two-dimensional and zero-dimensional materials: cocatalysts for hydrogen production Baraldi Alessandro Material Physics
Camurri Piloni Alvise XXXVIII Ciclo A new 3D-printed PCL scaffolds treated with Nanohydroxyapatites to enhance osteogenic differentiation Nicolin Vanessa Odonto-Stomalogical Diseases
Castellani Gaia XXXVIII Ciclo Innovative photocatalysts and photocatalytic systems for improving air quality Fornasiero Paolo General and Inorganic Chemistry
Cavalieri Gabriele XXXVIII Ciclo Prediction of key properties of molecular (nano)systems for biological and industrial application through HPC-based techniques and experimental validation Laurini Erik Principles of Chemical Engineering
Flaibani Matteo XXXVIII Ciclo Dynamic nanomaterials with functional properties Posocco Paola Principles of Chemical Engineering
Gambirasi Marta XXXVIII Ciclo Investigation and development of vaccinal vectors for antitumoral immunoresponse induction Toffoli Giuseppe Pharmacology
Giuliani Emanuele XXXVIII Ciclo New synthetic methodologies for the production and tailoring of carbon dots Prato Maurizio Organic Chemistry
Grando Gaia XXXVIII Ciclo Development of metal-free photocatalysts for advanced photocatalytic organic synthesis Fornasiero Paolo General and Inorganic Chemistry
Iurilli Martin XXXVIII Ciclo Use of collagen-coated polycaprolactone nanofibers to improve healing of difficult wounds Papa Giovanni Plastic Surgery
Mauro Diandra XXXVIII Ciclo Carbon nanotechnologies for the development of novel polymeric materials Da Ros Tatiana Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Morbiato Laura XXXVIII Ciclo Novel catalytic protocell models based on carbon nanodots Prato Maurizio Organic Chemistry
Moretti Federica XXXVIII Ciclo 2D filled polymeric nanocomposites with targeted optical and mechanical properties Posocco Paola Principles of Chemical Engineering
Rizzo Marco XXXVIII Ciclo Airbone exposure, skin contamination and skin absorption to gallium arsenide and other metals in nano dimensions Larese Filon Francesca Occupational Medicine
Spada Federica XXXVIII Ciclo Not yet defined
Zio Teresa XXXVIII Ciclo Synthesis and characterization of boron-based 2D materials Africh Cristina Material Physics
Bassato Ferdinando XXXVII Ciclo Study of materials for SOFC application by AP-NEXAFS Torelli Piero Material Physics
Bogo Andrea XXXVII Ciclo Functional carbon nanostructures for green electrolyzers Prato Maurizio Organic Chemistry
Demontis Giorgia XXXVII Ciclo Nano-mechanical systems for the understanding of cellular mechano-response at the nanoscale Lazzarino Marco Material Physics
Ferraguzzi Elena XXXVII Ciclo Lipid bilayers as model plasma membrane systems: experimental/theoretical synergy to tackle increasing complexity Casalis Loredana Applied Physics (Cultural Heritage, Environment, Biology and Medicine)
Marchi Miriam XXXVII Ciclo Nanohybrid materials for CO2 reduction into value-added chemicals Fornasiero Paolo General and Inorganic Chemistry