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Fellowships for the Academic Year 2021/2022

Available fellowships for the Academic Year 2021/2022 


M1- Scholarship funded by MIUR/University
Available research topics can be found here.

MD/2 - Materials for solid fuel cells studied by ap-nexafs
Supervisor: Piero Torelli
Find out more here.

MD/3 - Nano-mechanical systems for the understanding of cellular mechano-response at the nanoscale
Supervisor: Marco Lazzarino
Find out more here.

MD/4 - Theoretical modelling of electrochemical processes and nanostructured catalysts for renewable energy applications
Supervisor: Stefano Fabris
Find out more here.

MD/5 - Distributed chemicals and fuels production from CO2 in photoelectrocatalytic devices
Supervisor: Paolo Fornasiero
Find out more here.

MD/6 - Synthesis of carbon nanodots for bio- and technological applications
Supervisor: Maurizio Prato
Find out more here.

MD/7 - Lipid bilayers as model plasma membrane systems: experimental/theoretical synergy to tackle increasing complexity
Supervisor: Loredana Casalis
Find out more here.

MD/8 - Nanostructure materials for functional properties
Supervisor: Vanni Lughi
Find out more here.

MD/9 - Seaweeds for novel applications and products (SNAP) - Polysaccharide-based mechano-responsive materials for the modulation of biological processes
Supervisor: Ivan Donati
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