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Fellowships for the Academic Year 2024/2025

Available fellowships for the PhD Program in Nanotechnology starting November 2024:

M1 - Scholarships MUR/University
Available research topics can be found here.

MD2 - Development of hybrid platforms for quantum computation applications
Supervisor: Giorgio Biasiol
Find out more here.

MD3 - XUV metalenses for spectroscopic and morphological characterization of C- based Quantum Dots
Supervisor: Marcello Coreno
Find out more here.

MD4 - In situ/in operando electron microscopy and correlative techniques on energy materials
Supervisor: Regina Ciancio
Find out more here.

DPNRR5 - Growth and characterization of novel two-dimensional materials
Supervisor: Alessandro Baraldi
Find out more here.

MD6 - Charge dynamics in molecular systems
Supervisor: Alberto Morgante
Find out more here.

MD7 - Photocatalytic materials for advanced biofuels production
Supervisor: Paolo Fornasiero
Find out more here.

MDPNRR8 - Coupled experimental and HPC-computational approach for the design and characterization of nanobiosystems
Supervisor: Erik Laurini
Find out more here.

MD9 - Composite nanomaterials coupling photothermal evaporation and photocatalysis for water purification
Supervisor: Vanni Lughi
Find out more here.

MD10 - Computational methodologies for studying nanogels and responsive nanomaterials
Supervisor: Paola Posocco
Find out more here.



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