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About the Program


Short History of the Program

2003 – 2006 PhD curriculum in nanotechnology and materials engineering

2006 – 2013 School in Nanotechnology

2013 – Course in Nanotechnology

In 2014 the PhD Course in Nanotechnology has been accredited from the Italian Ministry of Education, University, and Research in position 3 out of 51 in the national ranking of similar PhD courses.


Scientific Publications by the Students
In 2009: 72
In 2010: 88
In 2011: 95
In 2012: 98
In 2013: 83
in 2014: 76
in 2015: 138
In 2016: 106


Financial Resources

More than 6.000.000 euro/yr (2016)


Evaluation of the Program

Positive evaluation (excellent) from the Nucleo di Valutazione (2016)


All activities are in English (thesis, reports, ..)
Lectures and seminars are in English
Thesis can be co-tutored
Possibility to obtain the Doctor Europaeus degree or
PCAM degree


The PhD Program in Nanotechnology assign every year three awards to PhD students.




The first one was introduced by Professor Fernando Tommasini for the most comprehensible presentation and it is delivered to students of the first or second year of the school.


2019 Roberto Costantini
2018 Ilaria Pecorari
2017 Valentina Masciotti
2016 Elena Ambrosetti
2015 Laerte Luigi Patera
2014 Fabio Del Ben
2013 Sara Capolla
2012 Elisa Miniussi
2011 Matteo Cargnello
2010 Elisa D’Este




The second award, introduced more recently, to award a prize to the student of the third year with the best career quality and number of publications, oral and poster presentations, other  awards, etc.


2019 Manuel Corva
2018 Francesco Presel
2017 Zhijing Feng
2016 Laerte Luigi Patera
2015 Valentina Zannier




The third award has been introduced in 2019 in honor of Professor Alessandro De Vita, an eclectic scientist who passed away on 2nd October 2018, at the age of 53. The prize is assigned  to the PhD students which demonstrate the deepest scientific curiosity among all the students of the school.


2019 Alessandro D’Elia

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