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Current PhD Students

Name Cycle Research Title Supervisor Research Field
Bartolomei Beatrice XXXVI Ciclo Machine learning: a new strategy for the discovery of carbon dots Maurizio Prato Not yet defined
Braidotti Nicoletta XXXVI Ciclo Biomedical application of digital holography Dan Cojoc Not yet defined
Chesnyak Valeria XXXVI Ciclo Synthesis and characterization of heterogeneously doped graphene nanostructures Cristina Africh Not yet defined
D'Amico Lorenzo XXXVI Ciclo Imaging and characterization of fibrotic tissue Giuliana Tromba Not yet defined
Dagur Deepak XXXVI Ciclo Tuning of magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroic heterostructures Piero Torelli Not yet defined
Farooq Ayesha XXXVI Ciclo Fabrication and study of nanostructured materials resistant to the interaction with the thermonuclear plasma Stefano Fabris Not yet defined
Kost Veronika XXXVI Ciclo Preparation of BNC nanodots and investigation of their photophysical and electrochromic properties Not yet defined
Lentini Campallegio Claudio XXXVI Ciclo Charge dynamics in complex 2D heterostructure Alberto Morgante Not yet defined
Paba Carolina XXXVI Ciclo Mechanisms of extracellular vescicles (EVs) internalization by cells Loredana Casalis Not yet defined
Rozhin Petr XXXVI Ciclo Nanostructured biomaterials for tissue regeneration and innovative therapy Silvia Marchesan Not yet defined
Talukdar Smritirekha XXXVI Ciclo Reduction of CO2 to fuels by photocatalysis and electrocatalysis Tiziano Montini Not yet defined
Zingaro Federica XXXVI Ciclo Effects of particulate and endocrine-disrupting metals on fertility Alessandra Gianoncelli Not yet defined
Bisetto Matteo XXXV Ciclo A study inside the photo-catalytic behavior of well defined Cu2O nanoparticles Not yet defined
Costa Filippo XXXV Ciclo Study of soft nanoparticles for drugs delivery Not yet defined
Cretella Matteo XXXV Ciclo Design, synthesis and use of organic/inorganic nanoparticles protected by fluorinated ligands as nanomaterial for imaging and therapy Not yet defined
Kirti Magdhi XXXV Ciclo Development of semiconductor-superconductor nanosystems for applications in quantum computation Not yet defined
Loi Federico XXXV Ciclo Investigation of structural and chemical properties of mass-selected clusters supported by 2D materials and oxides Not yet defined
Mauri Silvia XXXV Ciclo Investigation of the surface reactivity of catalysts by operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy with Synchrotron radiation Not yet defined
Raciti Edoardo XXXV Ciclo Characterization and modeling of some carbon nitride-based materials Not yet defined
Steffè Aharon XXXV Ciclo Triple-action nanoplatform for theranostic applications in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) Not yet defined