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Current PhD Students

Title Cycle Research project Supervisor Research strand
Marsili Lorenzo XXXIII Ciclo TOFFOLI GIUSEPPE Pharmacology
Mauro Prisca XXXIII Ciclo Macor Paolo General Pathology
Nichetti Camilla XXXIII Ciclo BIASIOL GIORGIO Material Physics
Nurmamytov Timur XXXIII Ciclo RUBINI SILVIA Material Physics
Senigagliesi Beatrice XXXIII Ciclo PARISSE PIETRO Material Physics
Tierno Domenico XXXIII Ciclo Bonin Serena Skin and Venereal Diseases
Valente Stefano XXXIII Ciclo Pasquato Lucia Organic Chemistry
Azzalini Eros XXXII Ciclo Stanta Giorgio Pathological Anatomy
Costantini Roberto XXXII Ciclo Morgante Alberto Material Physics
Cotta Valeria XXXII Ciclo Cojoc Danut Adrian Material Physics
Cringoli Maria Cristina XXXII Ciclo MARCHESAN SILVIA Organic Chemistry
D'Elia Alessandro XXXII Ciclo CORENO MARCELLO Material Physics
Furlani Franco XXXII Ciclo Paoletti Sergio Biochemistry
Iacuzzi Valentina XXXII Ciclo Toffoli Giuseppe Pharmacology
Ronchese Paolo XXXII Ciclo Pasquato Lucia Organic Chemistry
Zanoni Ilaria XXXII Ciclo COSTA ANNA General and Inorganic Chemistry