Quantum coherence in photosynthetic light harvesting ()

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Quantum coherence in photosynthetic light harvesting
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1. Modelling electronic excitations in pigment-protein complexes
1.1 The Hamiltonian of a pigment-protein complex. Electronic transitions and their interaction with the biomolecular environment
1.2 Photosynthetic excitons: quantum coherence and delocalised excited states
1.3 Sources of exciton localisation

2. Dynamics of electronic excitations: from incoherent to coherent energy transfer
2.1 Competing energy and time scales
2.2 The limiting regimes: Forster theory and Redfield theory
2.3 Non-Markovian dynamics: the structured vibrational environment. Coherent interaction between excitations and vibrational modes
2.4 Exciton vs vibronic model

3. Two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy: Detecting quantum coherence experimentally
3.1 The response function
3.2 Diagrammatic approach: Feynmann diagrams
3.3 2D spectra of an electronic dimer
3.4 2D spectra of a vibronic (vibrational-electronic) dimer: electronic vs vibrational coherence

Francesca Fassioli (Univ. Padova)
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