Training Program

A PhD is a fundamental step in the training of a researcher, and at the heart of this training lies the research work. For the doctoral student, this work takes place primarily within a research group, where he/she can learn the approach, the techniques and methods, as well as the useof advanced instrumentation needed to work in cutting-edge scientific research. Under the guidance of a supervisor, in the course of the three-year doctoral program, the PhD student must produce an original research which is then described in the form of a dissertation.

In addition to the research activity, in order to obtain the PhD, the doctoral students must follow a series of courses, agreed upon with the supervisor and approved by the Teaching Committee. These courses, lasting a minimum of 80 hours, must be chosen from among those offered to doctoral students by the Department of Physics and sometimes from among courses offered by other institutions or from courses offered to M.Sc students. Moreover, every doctoral student is required to take part in two doctoral Schools during the three years of study.

Participation to seminars is strongly encouraged and participation to the Department Colloquia is mandatory.

At the end of every year, as well as providing a written report of the activities undertaken, every student is required to give a presentation of his/her own research work in end-of-year seminar attended by the other PhD students and the teaching staff involved in the PhD program; in the third year, this presentation is given in front of the Scientific Council. 

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