Applications of students graduated in foreign universities | Doctoral Programme

Applications of students graduated in foreign universities


XXXVI PhD Cycle - Call for Applications


Deadline for applications:
June 7, 2021, 01:00 pm (CEST)



The PhD Program in Physics of the University of Trieste is inviting applications for 14 PhD scholarships.

Scholarships are open to students graduated in foreign universities. One scholarship -funded by ICTP- is reserved to candidates from countries not belonging to the list of "High-income economies” (according to the World Bank criteria).


This three-year program provides curricular courses and specific training activities. The students will work on leading-edge projects in astrophysics, condensed matter physics, medical physics and biophysics, nuclear and particle/astroparticle physics, theoretical physics.


Informations and on-line application available at:

A tutorial for the on-line application is available here.  


Before applying, please carefully read the following documents:

The admission is evaluated through a competitive selection based on qualifications and interview. A video conference  interview can be arranged on request.

Relevant dates and deadlines:

If no appointment for the skype interview is scheduled, the candidate is assumed to show up in person (if COVID-19 emergency will allow) at the Physics Department (via Valerio 2, Trieste-Italy) on July 12, 2021, at 9:30 am.



Eligible candidates must hold an academic qualification, which can be considered to be equivalent - in terms of duration, level and disciplinary field -  to the Italian degree which allows to undertake Ph.D. studies in Italy. The candidate must hold the degree by October 31, 2021. Further info on foreign degrees: and paragraph 6.2 of the Admission Announcement.


Documents required for the application

Online application procedure mandatory documents, as specified in ATTACHMENT 6 - Physics:

  1. proof of identity
  2. curriculum vitae et studiorum
  3. University qualifications (see below)
  4. abstract of the degree thesis or dissertation
  5. PhD research project

It's highly recommended to upload also previous academic qualifications documents. 

Optionally the PhD candidate could upload 

  1. Two reference letters
  2. Publications 

The template for the abstract of the Master thesis could be found here:

 For what concerns the reference letters, your referees should send their letters directly to within the application deadline:  June 07, 2021, midnight (CEST)

 DISCLAIMER: the above information is a summary of deadlines and required documents; the applicant should read the legally binding information, available in




Informal inquiries: Prof. Francesco Longo, e-mail:


For any problem regarding the admission procedure write an e-mail to:


For general informations regarding the Graduate program in Physics, write to: 







Q: Which format and contents are expected for the “statement of research”?

The statement of research should not exceed a page in A4 format. It should describe a research subject of interest for the candidate. The draft should briefly outline the present knowledge in the field with a short bibliography, possible objectives of research activity, and the related experimental or theoretical methods. The research subject will not be binding for the PhD research activity, but will be a starting point for the discussion in the interview.


Q: Are images allowed in the “statement of research”?

Yes, provided that the statement of research will not exceed the lenght limit.  


Q. How will the interview be organised? 

A. (NEW 2020): Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, the Examination Panel has decided that the interview will be administered only remotely, by videoconference. Candidates are required to show a current and valid identity document at the interview. During the interview candidates will give a short presentation (up to 7 minutes) using slides and focusing on their Master degree thesis and/or motivation letter. Proficiency in English will be also tested at the interview.
A. (OLD) The interview will last up to about 25 minutes for each candidate. It will include both the self-presentation of the candidate, to expound his/her research interests and the draft of research proposal and some questions by the admission committee.
Q. Supervisor's signature on the thesis abstract: when is it required?
A: The signature of the supervisor is required only for those candidates who did not obtain their degree yet, and who will graduate abroad by October, 1st.
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