Extracurricular Internship

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The extracurricular internship is an experience that allows the intern to get to know directly the world of work and can represent a valid opportunity to join it. 

An extracurricular internship can be activated up to 12 months after graduation. The minumun duration of an internship is two months and it cannot exceed 6 months in a company or 12 months in a public body. The trainee must be paid a monthly allowance of not less than 300 euro per month for a maximum commitment of 20 hours per week which increases proportionally in relation to the trainee's commitment up to a monthly allowance of not less than 500 euro for a maximum commitment of 40 hours per week. For internships activated in public bodies, the monthly allowance is 800 euro for a full-time commitment.

If you are a graduate interested in doing a post-graduate internship, you can find a company by yourself or apply for an announcement on our virtual board.


The Career Service is responsible for the activation of extracurricular internships. Write to career.service@amm.units.it to request the forms and the description of the internship activation process.


Extracurricolar internships are regulated by the Region (or by the national law of the country) in which the host company is based. As far as Friuli Venezia Giulia is concerned, the Regulations governing post-graduate internships were issued with Decree of the President of the Region of 19 March 2018 n. 057 / PRES.

Following article 11, paragraph 1 of the Regulations for the activation of extracurricular internships pursuant to article 63 of the regional law no. 18 (General rules for employment, protection and quality of work), each trainee must be guaranteed insurance from the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (INAIL) and for civil liability towards third parties. Insurance coverage must also cover any activities carried out outside the place where the internship takes place, if coherent with the individual training project.

Based on the resolution of the Board of Directors of the University of Trieste of 29 April 2021, the new agreement scheme for the activation of extracurricular internships states that the University of Trieste, as promoter, must guarantee the INAIL and third-party insurance, both for internships in Friuli Venezia Giulia and for internships in other Italian regions.