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“What will I do when I graduate?”

The Career Service offers a series of tools, suggestions, useful notions and experiences harvested through many years working with enterprises and major players of the local labor market. Our aim is to make you understand today’s labor market and your professional objectives, be it working in a company, a research project or starting your very own activity.

Finding a job is like making a mosaic of many different pieces. Taking advantage of opportunities like Job@UniTS to meet companies could be an important piece that the University can provide to help your personal and professional development.  But you need to be ‘prepared’ for the appointment.


No wind will be favourable to the sailor who does not know at which port s/he wants to arrive (Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Epistulae morales ad Lucillum, LXXI).



  • Workshops
  • Interviews and talks with our Alumni
  • Recruiting days with curricular internship opportunities



  • Access to the virtual board of job and internship offers on AlmaLaurea
  • Information and activation of extracurricular and PIPOL – Garanzia Giovani FVG internships
  • Information on higher education and research apprenticeships
  • Work orientation workshops
  • Interviews with the Alumni and related Focus sulle Professioni
  • Tools to strengthen an active job search (cover letter, resume, etc.)
  • Recruiting days