Contamination Lab

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The CLab is a place where innovation comes from collaboration between people from different educational backgrounds, from the transversality of disciplines and the contamination of knowledge, hence the name Contamination Lab.

CLab activities consist of learning, mentoring, coworking and making, and are aimed at students selected on the basis of the annual call for applications. Learning activities are open to all students enrolled at the University of Trieste.

The CLab is part of the "STUD.ENT" (STUDent ENTtrepreneurship) initiatives, which promote training moments at different stages of the university career, with a view to developing managerial and project education. The participants' projects will also be oriented according to the trajectories of the "Sustainable Smart Specialisation Strategies" (S4) identified by the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, to which the University of Trieste contributes with a strong commitment to training and research.