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Molecular Histopathology Lab


In the Molecular Histopathology Lab the research is focused on the study of morphological and molecular alterations involved in the neoplastic pathogenesis and cancer progression. Central to the study is the identification of phenotypic alterations (RNA and proteins) to search biomolecular markers for diagnosis, prognosis and selective therapies in neoplasias, particularly skin melanoma, colorectal, breast and ovarian tumors. Biomarkers’ research is carried out starting from the pre-analytical phase which is the most vulnerable part of the total testing process. With this regard, we also characterize and study novel fixatives as well as novel methods to define the alterations due to the fixation process of tissues as well as the use of stabilizer in liquid biopsy samples. The activity of the laboratory is also focused on PI3K pathway, especially AKTs isoforms in the above mentioned cancers and on biomechanical tools for characterizing clinical specimens and investigating on cancers.


Serena Bonin
Department of Medicine, Surgery and Health Sciences
University of Trieste


Last updated on: 06/08/2020 - 10:27