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SupraMolecular nAnomaterials computationaL Lab (SMALL Lab)


The SMALL Lab is a computational laboratory with interest in linking structure, dynamics, and function of complex supramolecular nanomaterials. We develop and apply computational methods ranging from classical molecular dynamics type simulations to high-level coarse-grain calculations.

We have a special curiosity in all self-assembling driven phenomena at the nanoscale including (but not limited to) self-assembled monolayers on nanoparticles, diblock copolymers, amphiphilic dendrons, and peptides. A second major research line deals with 0D/1D/2D nanomaterials with applications in nanomedicine.

Recently we have started investigating the ability of responsive surfaces and interfaces to react to external stimuli and interact with small molecules and biological compounds with applications as antifouling coatings, (bio)sensors, and delivery systems.

For more information, check the SMALL Lab website.





Paola Posocco
Department of Engineering and Architecture
University of Trieste



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