Dottorandi - Cicli conclusi

Nome Cicloordinamento decrescente Titolo tesi Supervisore Settore
Annunziatella Marianna XXVIII Ciclo Environment-driven evolution of galaxies in CLASH-VLT clusters Girardi Marisa ASTRONOMIA E ASTROFISICA
Carollo Federico XXVIII Ciclo Quantum fluctuations and entanglement in mesoscopic systems Benatti Fabio FISICA TEORICA, MODELLI E METODI MATEMATICI
Casolari Francesco XXVIII Ciclo Franciosi Alfonso FISICA DELLA MATERIA
Costa Matilde XXVIII Ciclo Automated Deformable Registration of Breast Images: towards a software-assisted multimodal breast image reading Longo Renata FISICA APPLICATA (A BENI CULTURALI, AMBIENTALI, BIOLOGIA E MEDICINA)
Ferrari Eugenio XXVIII Ciclo Advances in Seeded Free Electron Lasers: Generation and Control of Stable and Fully Coherent X-Ray Pulses in Conventional and Exotic Configurations Franciosi Alfonso FISICA DELLA MATERIA
Esposito Martina XXVIII Ciclo A new spectroscopic approach to collective excitations in solids: pump-probe quantum state tomography Parmigiani Fulvio FISICA DELLA MATERIA
Battaglia Paola Maria XXX Ciclo The Euclid Space Mission: development of end-to-end simulator software tools aimed at improving the wavelength calibration of NISP instrument spectroscopic data Gregorio Anna FISICA SPERIMENTALE
Colavincenzo Manuel XXX Ciclo Covariance matrix estimation for the statistics of galaxy clustering Borgani Stefano ASTRONOMIA E ASTROFISICA
Šuljić Miljenko XXX Ciclo Study of Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors for the Upgrade of the ALICE Inner Tracking System Camerini Paolo FISICA SPERIMENTALE
Bana Harsh Vardhan XXX Ciclo Growth of two-dimensional materials and Investigation of their structural and electronic properties. Baraldi Alessandro FISICA DELLA MATERIA
Berti Alessio XXX Ciclo Study of astrophysical transients with the MAGIC telescopes Longo Francesco FISICA SPERIMENTALE
Carlesso Matteo XXX Ciclo Open Quantum System dynamics: Applications to Decoherence and Collapse models Bassi Angelo FISICA TEORICA, MODELLI E METODI MATEMATICI
Kandyba Viktor XXX Ciclo Electronic structure of single and few layered graphene studied by angle resolved photoemission spectro-microscopy. Parmigiani Fulvio FISICA DELLA MATERIA
Zoldan Anna XXX Ciclo On the Role of Cold Gas in Galaxy Evolution De Lucia Gabriella ASTRONOMIA E ASTROFISICA
Gioannini Lorenzo XXX Ciclo Dust across galaxies Matteucci Maria Francesca ASTRONOMIA E ASTROFISICA
Marcantoni Stefano XXX Ciclo On the non-equilibrium thermodynamics of quantum systems Benatti Fabio FISICA TEORICA, MODELLI E METODI MATEMATICI
Pinamonti Matteo XXX Ciclo Detection and Orbital Architecture Characterization of Planetary Systems Around Cool Stars De Lucia Gabriella ASTRONOMIA E ASTROFISICA
Wojaczyński Rafał Paweł XXX Ciclo High Energy Radiation From Low-luminosity Accreting Black Holes Longo Francesco FISICA SPERIMENTALE
Gjergo Eda XXXI Ciclo Dust Evolution in Galaxy Cluster Simulations Granato Gian Luigi ASTRONOMIA E ASTROFISICA
Alikaniotis Katia XXXI Ciclo Combined tumour treatment by coupling conventional radiotherapy to an additional dose contribution from thermal neutrons Giannini Gianrossano FISICA NUCLEARE E SUBNUCLEARE