Dottorandi - Cicli conclusi

Nome Ciclo Titolo tesi Supervisore Settore
Coslovich Giacomo XXIII Ciclo Disclosing the ultrafast dynamics of competing phases in high - temperature superconductors by time - resolved optical spectroscopy Parmigiani Fulvio Non assegnato
Dovier Giacomo Oliviero XXIII Ciclo Semi-inclusive associated bottom-Higgs production at LHC: the complete one-loop electroweak in the MSSM Verzegnassi Claudio Non assegnato
Jerse Giovanna XXIII Ciclo Gregorio Anna Non assegnato
Marcon Uchida Anunciato Monica Midori XXIII Ciclo Chemical evolution of disks: milky way and nearby spiral galaxies / Evoluçao quimica de discos de galaxias espirais Non assegnato
Marzolino Ugo XXIII Ciclo Entanglement and decoherence in many-body physics Benatti Fabio Non assegnato
Messineo Giuseppe XXIII Ciclo The MIR experiment: quantum vacuum and dynamical Casimir effect Della Valle Federico Non assegnato
Pesaro Giulia XXIII Ciclo Measurement at COMPASS of transverse spin effects on identified hadrons on a transversely polarised proton target Schiavon Paolo Non assegnato
Rizzi Michele XXIII Ciclo Carbon dioxide adsorption and hydrogenation on nickel-based surfaces: a first principles study Peressi Maria Non assegnato
Sbrizzai Giulio XXIII Ciclo Measurements of transverse momentum dependent azimuthal asymmetries in SIDIS at COMPASS Martin Anna Non assegnato
Staniscia Fabio XXIII Ciclo Out-of-equilibrium behavior of many-body Hamiltonian systems with different interaction ranges Senatore Gaetano Non assegnato
Venaruzzo Massimo XXIII Ciclo Study of the strange resonance sigma (1385) as a tool for the analysis of the dynamics of the Quark Gluon Plasma in the ALICE experiment at LHC Margagliotti Giacomo Non assegnato
Bignamini Andrea XXII Ciclo The swift-XRT survey of groups and clusters of galaxies Non assegnato
Fabjan Dunja XXII Ciclo The effect of star formation and feedback on the X-ray properties of simulated galaxy clusters Non assegnato
Ferialdi Luca XXII Ciclo Non-Markovian collapse models Non assegnato
Golfetto Enrico XXII Ciclo Electronic structure and chemical reactivity of transition metals' pseudomorphic layers and supported nanoclusters Non assegnato
Liguori Alexandra Magdalene XXII Ciclo Quantum Markovian dynamics and bipartite entanglement Non assegnato
Lozza Valentina XXII Ciclo Low energy low background photon counter for wisp search experiments Non assegnato
Moretti Elena XXII Ciclo Upper Limits on High Energy emissions from GRB Non assegnato
Rossi Andrea XXII Ciclo Charm production in proton-proton collisions at the LHC with the ALICE detector Non assegnato
Simoncig Alberto XXII Ciclo The role of the electron recoiling mechanism in coherent light high-order harmonics generation: from the source to the applications Non assegnato