Dottorandi - Cicli conclusi

Nome Ciclo Titolo tesi Supervisore Settore
Randi Francesco XXIX Ciclo Low-energy physics in strongly correlated materials via nonlinear spectroscopies Fausti Daniele FISICA DELLA MATERIA
Romelli Erik XXIX Ciclo Simulation analysis: from Planck calibration towards an end-to-end simulator for instrument operations applied to the Euclid mission Gregorio Anna ASTRONOMIA E ASTROFISICA
Sterzi Andrea XXIX Ciclo Time and Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy studies of novel topologically ordered materials. Parmigiani Fulvio FISICA DELLA MATERIA
Toroš Marko XXIX Ciclo Constraints on the spontaneous collapse mechanism: theory and experiments Bassi Angelo FISICA TEORICA, MODELLI E METODI MATEMATICI
Vincenzo Fiorenzo XXIX Ciclo Chemical evolution of galaxies: from the Local Group to the Local Universe Matteucci Maria Francesca ASTRONOMIA E ASTROFISICA
Cilento Federico XXIV Ciclo Non-equilibrium phase diagram of Bi2 Sr2 Y0.08 Ca0.92 Cu2 O8+δ cuprate superconductors revealed by ultrafast optical spectroscopy Parmigiani Fulvio Non assegnato
Elia Carmine XXIV Ciclo Measurement of two-hadron transverse spin asymmetries in SIDIS at COMPASS Martin Anna Non assegnato
Fan Xi Long XXIV Ciclo Galaxy evolution by chemical and SED model Matteucci Maria Francesca Non assegnato
Piccirilli Federica XXIV Ciclo High pressure studies of amyloid proteins Comelli Giovanni Non assegnato
Pinamonti Michele XXIV Ciclo Measurement of the top-antitop production cross-section with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC Verzegnassi Claudio Non assegnato
Sartoris Barbara XXIV Ciclo Cosmological constraints with clusters of galaxies Borgani Stefano Non assegnato
Zhan Rongrong XXIV Ciclo Structural investigation of complex surface interfaces by means of X-ray Photoelectron Diffraction Baraldi Alessandro Non assegnato
Coslovich Giacomo XXIII Ciclo Disclosing the ultrafast dynamics of competing phases in high - temperature superconductors by time - resolved optical spectroscopy Parmigiani Fulvio Non assegnato
Dovier Giacomo Oliviero XXIII Ciclo Semi-inclusive associated bottom-Higgs production at LHC: the complete one-loop electroweak in the MSSM Verzegnassi Claudio Non assegnato
Jerse Giovanna XXIII Ciclo Gregorio Anna Non assegnato
Marcon Uchida Anunciato Monica Midori XXIII Ciclo Chemical evolution of disks: milky way and nearby spiral galaxies / Evoluçao quimica de discos de galaxias espirais Non assegnato
Marzolino Ugo XXIII Ciclo Entanglement and decoherence in many-body physics Benatti Fabio Non assegnato
Messineo Giuseppe XXIII Ciclo The MIR experiment: quantum vacuum and dynamical Casimir effect Della Valle Federico Non assegnato
Pesaro Giulia XXIII Ciclo Measurement at COMPASS of transverse spin effects on identified hadrons on a transversely polarised proton target Schiavon Paolo Non assegnato