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Each PhD student must follow a specific didactic program, consistent with his/her research project. The didactic program involves the attendance of courses, seminars organized by the Departments, and also the participation to national or international Schools and Workshops specifically organized for PhD students by several scientific Institutions (e.g. the Italian Chemical Society).

During the first and second year each student has to attend three courses or two courses plus one School or Meeting per year, each corresponding to one didactic activity.

Every year the Doctorate activates for the PhD students a number of specific courses among which they can select those of interest.  When appropriate or required, teaching is done in English. In addition, or as an alternative, the students can choose to attend courses chosen from the Master degrees (in Chemistry, but also Pharmacy, Biology,...). Finally, both the University of Trieste and the University of Venezia organize courses on soft and complementary skills (transversal didactic acitvity).
The Doctorate also organizes for the PhD students a number of seminars, given by Italian or foreign scientists on specific topics. Participation to these seminars is mandatory.

Most courses and seminars are given in video-conference modality, thus can be attended by all students, regardless of their location.

The full list of courses offered in the current academic year 2019-2020, as well of those that - at the moment - are programmed for the next academic year 2020-2021 are attached below.


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