On-line Survey on Students’ Opinions about Overall Academic Experience

The University has started a self-evaluation process in order to analyze its ability to meet the needs of its students.

To do so, the Quality Committee has created an on-line questionnaire to fill out at the end of the academic year. The questionnaire is about the different aspects, which contribute to determine the satisfaction of the experience at University of Trieste. As proposed by the Board of Students, you can also give your opinion on the examinations.


The University will carefully analyze the results in order to identify the weaknesses and propose suitable actions to improve.

Also for this year the Quality Committee, after consulting with the Board of Students, has decided to make the questionnaire mandatory. This makes it possible to have more reliable data that will steer the University towards identifying suitable improvement actions.


Therefore, by logging on the on-line services ESSE3 from 21 August to 30 September 2023, you will have to fill out the questionnaire in order to perform any other activity in Esse3.

As well as for the questionnaire about the teaching, you will find questions for students “attending classes” and for “not attending classes”.

The questionnaires are completely anonymous: after you have completed them, there will be no way to identify the author of the evaluation.


After logging in, you will see:

  • The name of the class with the icon of the questionnaire about the overall experience of the academic year that just ended.
  • List of the exams sat during the last academic year: from this year on, we are asking for feedback on them


The icon indicates the state of completion of the questionnaires:

   https://web.units.it/sites/default/files/all/nucleo-valutazione/pagine/questionariorosso_0.jpg  No questionnaire has been filled out

  https://web.units.it/sites/default/files/all/nucleo-valutazione/pagine/questionarioverde.jpg  The questionnaire has already been filled out.

For any further information or clarifications, contact the Quality Statistics and Evaluatio Staff at valutazione@amm.units.it.
If you are interested in the entire evaluation process, you can visit the page http://web.units.it/presidio-qualita/valutazione-della-didattica-e-servizi-supporto.