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The PhD course prepares researchers with high scientific profile, culturally oriented to engineering applications. They will be able to develop knowledge, new methods of investigation and design & research activities in public or private bodies, also with managerial competences.

The course is organized in two curricula:

  • Information Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering, Naval Energy and Production.

The activities concern design methods, theoretical analysis, soft-computing and advanced experimentation. During the first year the teaching activity regards the strengthening of knowledge in basic scientific disciplines and the organizational aspects of the research. It is personalized on both the previous study plan and the research topic of the PhD student. Still in the first year, the state of the art in the discipline of interest is analyzed and the main research theme is identified. In the second and third years the individual themes are developed, with the possibility of a period of stay at research institutions of international relevance.

Common aspects of training are the multidisciplinary theoretical - experimental approach as a qualifying aspect of research and the interaction with the territory and the productive world. The main educational objective is therefore the enhancement of the professionality of the PhD students on the international market of advanced research.