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PhD Students

Name Cycle Research Title Supervisor Research Field
Kourousias Georgios XXXIX Ciclo Electronics Address Book

Nadalon Emanuele XXXIX Ciclo Energy and Environmental Systems Address Book

Rusin Francesco XXXIX Ciclo Data Processing Systems Address Book

Taucer Marchesi Natasha XXXIX Ciclo Naval and Marine construction and installation Address Book

Bertagna Serena XXXIV Ciclo Marino' Alberto Naval Architecture
Ciriani Cesare XXXIV Ciclo Tessarolo Alberto Electrical Convertors, Machines and Switches
Garcia Ordóñez Luis Guillermo XXXIV Ciclo Carrato Sergio Electronics
Khedr Sobhy Yehia Mohammed XXXIV Ciclo Reini Mauro Energy and Environmental Systems
Kyaw Oo D'Amore Giada XXXIV Ciclo Biot Marco Naval Architecture
Pezzi Amedeo XXXIV Ciclo Manzan Marco Technical Physics
Ricci Andrea XXXIV Ciclo Not yet defined
Toneatti Luca XXXIV Ciclo Pozzetto Dario Industrial and Mechanical Plant
Bruchon Niky XXXIII Ciclo Pellegrino Felice Andrea Automatics
Caramuta Caterina XXXIII Ciclo Longo Giovanni Transport Address Book

Caramuta Caterina XXXIII Ciclo Longo Giovanni Transport
Colavitto Andrea XXXIII Ciclo Sulligoi Giorgio Electrical Energy Systems
Elloumi Nada XXXIII Ciclo Not yet defined
Furlan Federico XXXIII Ciclo Gallina Paolo Applied Mechanics for Machinery
Guzzi Francesco XXXIII Ciclo Carrato Sergio Electronics
Korondi Peter Zeno XXXIII Ciclo Poloni Carlo Fluid Machines