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Courses Structure

The CE.TS PhD program is endowed with an innovative training structure, inlcuding different course types. 


1) Base courses: compulsory courses. Some base courses are common to all curricula (from November 2023 to Feb/March 2024); some courses are vertical, specifically arranged for each curriculum (From March 2024 to July 2024). 

2) Elective courses: PhD students can choose among a group of elective courses, or find alternative courses to be included in their doctoral path (From November 2024 onwards). 

3) Transversal educational activities offered by Units: these courses are offered to PhD students by the University of Trieste and aim at fostering technical and soft skills in relation to e.g. public speaking, data analytics, social media communication, post-doctoral career. 

The attached pdf will give you a detail representation of the course structure. As general guidelines:

  • PhD students need to collect 20 (minimum) ECTS/CFU by the end of the 3 years period.
  • PhD students can collect them through the compulsory activities AND the elective activities.
  • Each activity is characterized by a MINIMUM and a MAXIMUM of ECTS that students can gain.
  • Electives ARE ELECTIVES (NON compulsory). 
  • For each activity, you can earn MORE than the MAXIMUM established. However, the PhD board can recognize the MAXIMUM level only.


PhD students are encouraged to carefully read the attached PDF, containing guidelines, the PHD course calendar and useful contacts. 


Last updated on: 11/13/2023 - 16:11