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   The PhD program in Chemistry is run jointly since 2014 by the University of Trieste (UniTs, administrative headquarter) and by the University of Venice "Cà Foscari" (UniVe). The two cities are located ca. 150 km apart along the Adriatic coast in the north-east of Italy. The PhD program merges the cultural excellence of the two Universities with the aim of providing an educational career to young italian and foreigner students in the field of Chemical Sciences. Its primary objective is the formation of motivated and skilled young graduates with a sound qualification, endowed with innovative and independent thinking and a large degree of autonomy. They will be capable of achieving high-level scientific and professional targets in the industry or academia, both in Italy or abroad.

   The PhD program covers all chemical disciplines and some areas of chemical engineering and of biology. The research topics span from classical organic synthesis to nanotechnologies, from green and sustainable chemistry to computational chemistry, just to cite a few. The students will be given the opportunity to join a scientifically rich and stimulating environment, characterized by many national and international collaborations, and to be part of advanced research projects under the supervision of experienced and motivated scientists. The students will also attend specific courses (in English, upon request) and seminars on hot research topics.

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