Current PhD Students | Earth Science, Fluid-Dynamics, and Mathematics. Interactions and Methods

Current PhD Students

Title Cycle Research project Supervisor Research strand
Ferrante Giulia Matilde XXXI Ciclo A multidisciplinary geophysical approach to recognize and quantify the gas occurrence in the Northern Adriatic Camerlenghi Angelo Angelo Camerlenghi Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Geology
Graffino Giorgio XXXI Ciclo A study of the mechanisms of decadal variability of the tropical oceans and its impacts on Arabian Peninsular climate KUCHARSKI FRED Fred Kucharski GEO/12
Spada Simone XXXI Ciclo Data Assimilation in Biogeochemical Marine Systems SALON STEFANO GEO/12
Terzić Elena XXXI Ciclo Marine bio-optical properties applied to biogeochemical modelling SALON STEFANO GEO/12