Pastorutti Alberto | Earth Science, Fluid-Dynamics, and Mathematics. Interactions and Methods

Pastorutti Alberto

Institutional Email: 
Department of Mathematics and Geosciences
Pal. C, via Weiss 1
Year of the Programme: 
Geophysics of Solid Earth
Research Title: 
Indirect estimates on the lithospheric thermal structure from satellite gravimetry
Project description: 

The project is aimed at assessing how satellite-only global gravity models are suitable as a proxy of the distribution of thermal parameters (temperature, heat flow, thermal conductivity, heat production) throughout the Earth continental lithosphere.

The project pursues the integration of gravimetry as a tool to interpret and interpolate sparse surface heat flow measurements. This includes estimating crustal thickness through inversion of global gravity models, forward modelling of an assortment of reductions (effects of topography, isostasy, and sediments) with a focus on their spectral coherence, performing a comparative evaluation of different Moho estimation methods and the development of an efficient thermal solver for lithospheric volumes.

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