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Professors as tutors

Every department of the University has Tutors for Specific Learning Difficulties, appointed by the Board of the Department.  

In collaboration with the SLD Service and with Coordinator appointed by the Rector, the Tutors have specific plans to ensure that the participation to the courses and to the exams takes place in ways  compatible with the students’ abilities.


To make an appointment with faculty Tutors you can contact them by phone or e -mail. 

The Tutors of the different departments are listed below:


Location Structure Tutor Telephone E-mail
Trieste Department of Physics Gozzi Ennio 0402240260 ennio.gozzi@trieste.infn.it
Trieste Department of Political and Social Sciences Zotti Jacopo JACOPO.ZOTTI@deams.units.it
Trieste Department of Economic, Business, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Krasna Favretto Francesca 040558.7098 francescak@econ.univ.trieste.it
Trieste Department of Medicine, Surgery and Health Sciences In attesa nomina tutor
Trieste Department of Legal, Language, Interpreting and Translation Studies Falbo Caterina 040558.7611 cfalbo@units.it
Trieste Department of Mathematics and Geosciences Brundu Michela 040558.2653 brundu@units.it
Trieste Department of Humanities Bortolotti Elena 040558.3663 ebortolotti@units.it
Trieste Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Zacchigna Marina 040558.3104 zacchign@units.it
Trieste Department of Engineering and Architecture Cefalo Raffaella 040558.3585 Raffaela.Cefalo@dia.units.it
Trieste Department of Engineering and Architecture Cosmi Francesca 040558.3431 cosmi@units.it
Trieste Department of Life Sciences Sciancalepore Marina 040558.8613 msciancalepore@units.it
Polo Universitario Pordenone Department of Humanities Bortolotti Elena 040558.3663 ebortolotti@units.it
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