On-line survey on students’ opinions about the educational activities

The survey on students’ opinions is a tool aiming to improve the didactic and the organization of the courses.
By logging on the on-line services Esse3, the students can express their evaluation. After the log in, by choosing the entry “QUESTIONARI – Questionari valutazione attività didattiche”, you will be able to choose the class you want to evaluate. Near the class, you will see an icon, which indicates the state of completion of the questionnaires connected to that class (you will find a questionnaire for each professor who hold the class):

No questionnaire has been fill out (You won’t be able to sing up to the exam)

Only some of the questionnaires have been fill out (You won’t be able to sing up to the exam)

All questionnaires have already been fill out (You’re allowed to sing up to the exam)

For each class/part, the evaluation should be carried out at least after 2/3 of the class and always before the on-line registration to the exam.
Even a questionnaire for each part of the class and for each professor is available, you don’t have to fill them all out at the same time. If some parts of the class have not started yet, you’d better wait until the 2/3 of the part to evaluate it. Anyway, to sing up to the exam, you must fill out all the evaluation questionnaires connected to the same class first.
Nevertheless, we suggest you not to wait until the moment when you sign up to the exam to fill out the questionnaire.
Remember that the questionnaire is completely anonymous: as you will be done with the compilation, there will be no way to go back to the author of the evaluation.
Further details on the survey and explanations about recurring problems are available in the file “Instructions on-line questionnaire”, while in the file “Information on the processing of collected data” you will find information about the way the data collected through the questionnaires are processed as well as how the results of the survey will be published.
Anyway, if you should have any problem or doubt, you can contact the Unity of Staff Quality, Statistics and Evaluation under the e-mail address valutazione@amm.units.it. The solution to the problems is often very easy and fast!

To the compilation of the questionnaire!