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The Graduate School in Reproductive Sciences and Development aims to provide a interdisciplinary and international university education, to prepare highly qualified scientific researchers in the biomedical sciences, especially in the mother-child area. Graduates should be employed in the near future in Universities, IRCCS, other research institutes and industries in the biomedical field. Students will also be given the opportunity to be trained in international cooperation in emerging countries. The training program includes two research areas: Clinical epidemiological and Molecular genetics. The  Clinical epidemiological area aims to train researchers in the biological and medical field, able to implement clinical trials and evaluate innovative diagnostic and therapeutic items; in addition, it aims to train researchers in epidemiology and to be able to identify the needs of the public, and make epidemiological surveys to assess the health effects of preventive measures. The Molecular genetic research area aims to train qualified professionals in different fields of research (basic and applied), diagnostics and personalized therapies, able to communicate and interact with clinical environments, finalizing their experience to care need. Students have the opportunity to study and work in a very stimulating interdisciplinary environment, with many national and international collaborations, and to participate in research projects of excellence, under the supervision of senior scientists. Students will attend courses and advanced seminars on topics of interest to the research carried out.

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