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2022-2023 PhD call for applications open

05/26/2022 - 06/27/2022

DEADLINE: June 27th, 1 p.m. (CET). Go to the UniTS PhD page for full details on how to apply

Available fellowships for the PhD Program in Nanotechnology starting November 2022 - First call

M/1 - Scholarships MUR/University
Available research topics can be found here.

MD/2 - Scholarship MUR/University co-financed by the Department of Physics
Research on a free topic on Physics within the PhD Course in Nanotechnology
Find out more here.

MD/3 - Surface processes in bidimensional systems investigated at the atomic scale by scanning tunneling microscopy
Supervisor: Cristina Africh
Find out more here.

MD/4 - Research and preclinical development of innovative and predictive therapeutic strategies for the optimization of the treatment of brain tumors
Supervisor: Marco Lazzarino
Find out more here.

MD/5 - Dynamics nanomaterials with functional properties
Supervisor: Paola Posocco
Find out more here.

MD/6 - Synthesis and applications of carbon dots
Supervisor: Maurizio Prato
Find out more here.

MD/7 - New architectures based on carbon dots
Supervisor: Maurizio Prato
Find out more here.

MD/8 - Carbon nanostructures: synthesis, functionalization, characterization, and their applications
Supervisor: Tatiana Da Ros
Find out more here.

MD/9 - Investigation and development of vaccinal vectors for antitumoral immunoresponse induction
Supervisor: Giuseppe Toffoli
Find out more here.




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