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The PhD program in Nanotechnology is one of the most multidisciplinary graduate school for PhD students at UniTS. It aims to offer an inspiring environment for your research, in a setting where several renowned research centers meet the highest concentration of young scientists in Italy in a naturally appealing city.

The PhD program in Nanotechnology aims at preparing students to both experimental and theoretical research, spanning from fundamental to applied and industrial research. Activities are carried out in several fields including advanced characterization techniques, nanofabrication techniques, self-assembly/soft matter, physics at the nanoscale, bionanotechnology, nanochemistry, nanocatalysis. Such topics are intrinsically interdisciplinary, comprising chemistry, engineering, physics, biology and medicine.

The program, all in English, offers research and education opportunities in a highly stimulating multidisciplinary, collaborative and international environment. Entering the programm you perform your research in one of the RESEARCH GROUPS, according to your scientific interest. Outstanding scientists supervise your research and help you develop into a fully-fledged scientist ready to succeed in academia as well as in industry. The tight collaboration with research institutions of the territory grant unique possibilities for your future career.

The PhD Program in Nanotechnology is also partner of the international network “Physical and Chemistry of Advanced Materials” (PCAM). The PCAM network promotes internationalization through the exchange of both students and faculty members, organizes a yearly European school on frontier topics in materials science and nanotechnology, and stimulates joint applications for EU funding.

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Last updated on: 09/14/2023 - 10:33