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2020/21 PhD Call for Applications

05/21/2020 - 06/17/2020

DEADLINE: June 17th, 1 p.m. (CET). Go to the UniTS PhD page for full details on how to apply

Available fellowships for the PhD Program in Nanotechnology starting November 2020:

M1/M2- Scholarship funded by MIUR/University
Available research topics can be found here.

MD/3 - Functionalized 2D Platforms Investigated by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Photoemission Spectroscopy
Supervisor: Cristina Africh
Find out more here.

MD/4 - Biomedical Application of Digital Holography
Supervisor: Dan Cojoc
Find out more here.

MD/5 - Fabrication and Study of Nanostructured Materials Resistant to the Interaction with the Thermonuclear Plasma
Supervisor: Stefano Fabris/Cinzia Cepek
Find out more here.

D/6 - Electronic and Magnetic Properties of 2D Quantum Materials Studied by X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism
Supervisor: Piero Torelli
Find out more here.

MD/7 - Mechanisms of Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) Internalization by Cells
Supervisor: Loredana Casalis
Find out more here.

MD/8 - Analysis of the Changes Induced by Asbestos Fiberson on the Structure of Absorbed Proteins and Lung Tissue Architecture
Supervisor: Lisa Vaccari
Find out more here.

MD/9 - Imaging and Characterization of Tissue Fibrosis
Supervisor: Giuliana Tromba
Find out more here.

D/10 - Effects of Particulate and Endocrine-Disrupting Metals on Fertility
Supervisor: Alessandra Gianoncelli
Find out more here.

MD/11 - Charge Dynamics in Complex 2D Etherostructures
Supervisor: Alberto Morgante
Find out more here.

MD/12 - Nanocatalysts for Sustainable Processes
Supervisor: Tiziano Montini
Find out more here.

INPS/13 - Scholarship funded by INPS
Development of nanostructured materials for catalysis, photocatalysis, and electrocatalysis
Supervisor: Paolo Fornasiero
Find out more here.



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