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Current PhD Students

Title Cyclesort descending Research Title Supervisor Research Field
Do Rego Barros Fernandes Lima Maria Augusta XXXIII Ciclo Investigating label-free markers at nanoscale for liquid biopsy using multimodal microscopy Cojoc Danut Adrian Material Physics
Tierno Domenico XXXIII Ciclo Bonin Serena Skin and Venereal Diseases
Senigagliesi Beatrice XXXIII Ciclo Biophysical and biomolecular analysis of Extracellular Vesicles and their interaction with target cells PARISSE PIETRO Material Physics
Marsili Lorenzo XXXIII Ciclo Thermoresponsive chitosan and poly-n-vinylcaprolactam microgels for drug embedded chemoembolization TOFFOLI GIUSEPPE Pharmacology
Mauro Prisca XXXIII Ciclo Preclinical development of theranostic nanobubbles mediating targeting at tumour angiogenesis Macor Paolo General Pathology
Cibinel Matteo XXXIII Ciclo Lughi Vanni Science and Technology of Materials
Fiori Sara XXXIII Ciclo Gas-Graphene interaction: structure and chemistry Africh Cristina Dr. Cristina Africh Material Physics
Battistella Alice XXXIII Ciclo AFM-based oocyte aging and maturation essay for in-vitro fertilization Lazzarino Marco Material Physics
Nurmamytov Timur XXXIII Ciclo Growth of ordered nanowire arrays containing magnetic inserts RUBINI SILVIA Material Physics
Nichetti Camilla XXXIII Ciclo BIASIOL GIORGIO Material Physics
Valente Stefano XXXIII Ciclo Hybrid Nanoparticles for Theranostics: Design, Synthesis and Characterization Pasquato Lucia Organic Chemistry
Amato Francesco XXXIII Ciclo "Synthesis, characterization and applications of Carbon Nanodots" Prato Maurizio Organic Chemistry
Mossenta Monica XXXIV Ciclo Development of a drug delivery therapy strategy through polymeric nanoparticles with an anti-GPC3 antibody coating and chemotherapic loading to treat hepatocellular carcinoma. TOFFOLI GIUSEPPE Pharmacology
Stocco Chiara XXXIV Ciclo ARNEZ ZORAN MARIJ Plastic Surgery
Ferrara Marcello XXXIV Ciclo Smart nanostructured electrocatalysts for carbon dioxide reduction Fornasiero Paolo General and Inorganic Chemistry
Daka Mario XXXIV Ciclo Control-Property Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications Fornasiero Paolo Organic Chemistry
Gazzi Arianna XXXIV Ciclo Immunocompatibility and biomedical applications of new nanomaterials Prato Maurizio Organic Chemistry
Soncini Cristian XXXIV Ciclo PEDIO MADDALENA Material Physics
Beltrami Marco XXXIV Ciclo Sbaizero Orfeo Science and Technology of Materials
Betz-Güttner Erik XXXIV Ciclo Terahertz Sensing with Golay cells microarray device Lazzarino Marco Material Physics