Do Rego Barros Fernandes Lima Maria Augusta | Doctoral Programme

Do Rego Barros Fernandes Lima Maria Augusta

Department of Physics
Year of the Programme: 
Material Physics
Research Title: 
Investigating label-free markers at nanoscale for liquid biopsy using multimodal microscopy
Project description: 

The scope of this project is to find reliable methods for liquid biopsy using label-free markers associated with cell morphology.  Accurate information derived from diagnostic tools are needed during all stages of a infection treatment. We propose to use microscopy techniques, especially Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM) to investigate single cell mechanical and morphological attributes at a nanoscale (e.g. measuring nanometer fluctuations of the cell membrane). In addition, DHM has shown to be a powerful tool for liquid biopsy: it has the potential to be used in a point-of-care tool for real time analysis. It has the capability of distinguishing between samples from healthy and sick patients by measuring the concentration of bacteria and leucocytes present in the urine, without the need to wait for bacterial growth and sample preparation.

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