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XXXIII PhD Cycle - Call for Applications


Deadline for applications:
June 19, 2017 , 01:00 pm (CEST)



The PhD Program in Physics of the University of Trieste is inviting applications for 13 PhD scholarships.

Scholarships are open to students graduated in foreign universities. One scholarship -funded by ICTP- is reserved to candidates from countries not belonging to the list of "High-income economies” (according to the World Bank criteria).


This three-year program provides curricular courses and specific training activities. The students will work on leading-edge projects in astrophysics, condensed matter physics, medical physics and biophysics, nuclear and particle/astroparticle physics, theoretical physics.


Informations and on-line application available at:


Before applying, please carefully read the following documents:

The admission is evaluated through a competitive selection based on qualifications and interview. A video conference (Skype) interview can be arranged on request.

Relevant dates and deadlines:

If no appointment for the skype interview is scheduled, the candidate is assumed to show up in person at the Physics Department (via Valerio 2, Trieste-Italy) on July 5th, 2017, at 9:00 am.



Eligible candidates must hold an academic qualification, which can be considered to be equivalent - in terms of duration, level and disciplinary field -  to the Italian degree which allows to undertake Ph.D. studies in Italy. The candidate must hold the degree by September 30, 2017 (or by October 31, 2017 in case of an Italian degree). Further info on foreign degrees: and paragraph 4 of the Admission Announcement.


Documents required for the application

Online application procedure ( mandatory documents, as specified in ATTACHMENT 4 - Physics:

  1. (1) proof of identity
  2. (2) curriculum vitae et studiorum
  3. (3) university qualifications
  4. (4) abstract of the degree thesis or dissertation
  5. (5) research project (mandatory only for European Social Fund (ESF) scholarship applicants)
  6. (6.a) statement of purpose - self presentation, (6.b) two reference letters
  7. ((7) optional: publications)

Templates for items (2), (3-Italian degrees only), (4), (5) are available at:


Note that item (5), a research project, is mandatory when applying for the FSE scholarships named FSE-EUS-3 and FSE-EUS-4; the corresponding template is: PROJECT-FSE. For the other scholarships a project is welcome but is not mandatory, not binding, nor specifically evaluated. All uploaded documents may be discussed in the interview.


For item (6.b), please download the following Reference Letter Template (.doc), and send it to the referees you have chosen. Your referees should send their letters directly to within the application deadline:  June 19, 2017, hr. 1:00 pm (CEST)



DISCLAIMER: the above information is a summary of deadlines and required documents; the applicant should read the legally binding information, available in





Informal inquiries: Prof. Livio Lanceri, e-mail:

For any problem regarding the admission procedure write an e-mail to:

For general informations regarding the Graduate program in Physics, write to:


Download the flyer




Q: Where may I find information on possible PhD research subjects in Trieste?

A (L.L.): Starting points for your search: 

a recent poster session on PhD research subjects:

Physics Department web pages on research activities:


Q: As I can tell from the application forms that I've to submit in order to apply, I need a Research Project: I was wondering if I've to contact a group member in order to write that project.

A (L.L.): Submission of a research project is mandatory and binding only for the two ESF (European Social Fund) scholarships; submission of a research project is welcome but not mandatory and not binding for the other scholarships. For information on local research activities I can help making contacts, if the Department web pages ( are not sufficient.


Q: I have some difficulty in registration, specifically at the Tax Code option. 

A (L.L.): The Italian Tax or Fiscal Code is equivalent to the social security number, or the identification number you were assigned by the administration of your country since your birth: to my understanding, you should provide that number as Tax Code. However, for a more precise technical answer on this or other difficulties in the registration process, please contact the administration:


Q: In the attachment 4, in the section describing the documents to be uploaded, in the part concerning the degree thesis, it is asked to upload a document related to the "degree thesis activity", but there is no further explanation. I would appreciate if you could describe me what should I include in that document, because the abstract of the thesis with the main results is already included in the template file.

A (L.L.): I will cross-check the correspondence between the online procedure and attachment 4, where in fact the “degree thesis activity” might appear to be redundant; for the time being please take it as a brief statement about your personal contributions, that might not be evident from the abstract of the thesis.


Q: I had the opportunity of reading the call for the previous cycle. I remember that in that occasion, the candidates were asked to write a short essay about an open problem in physics. My question is if that essay is not necessary for this call.

A (L.L.): The “short essay” is not requested in this call. However, if you wish, you may submit a research project, that is mandatory and binding only for the two ESF scholarships; it is generally welcome, although not mandatory, nor binding for non-ESF scholarships. 


Q: Currently, I am masters' degree student. I would like to know if it is necessary to have a master's degree or can also be for graduates in Physics, to apply for the scholarship.

A (L.L.): The academic requirements for eligibility are summarised at:
The master’s degree (or equivalent) may be obtained after the June 19 deadline for applications, but must be obtained by September 30, 2017, as specified in section 4 of the Admission Announcement:
Q: In my master's degree we only had a final project as part of the course, not a thesis, therefore I cannot upload a thesis abstract. Can I apply?
A (L.L.): If in your University you have a final project rather than a thesis for your master's degree, then you should upload a summary of the final project in the place of the thesis abstract. Please remember that only texts in English or Italian are accepted.
Q: A research proposal is needed for the applicants for the scholarships "FSE-EUS-3 and FSE-EUS-4"; I don't know about these scholarships. Can you please tell me: should I submit the research proposal or not?
A (L.L.): These two scholarships are based on Eropean Union (EU) funds (European Social Funds-ESF) and have some special requirements: a mandatory and binding project, and the perspective of spending one of the three years of the program in one of the neighbouring Alpine (EUSALP:) or Adriatic (EUSAIR) regions: Croazia, Grecia, Italia, Slovenia, Albania, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Austria, Francia, Germania, Italia, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Svizzera. More details on these scholarships are given in Section 3 of the Admission Announcement:
The research project is welcome for the other (non-FSE) scholarships, but is not mandatory and is not binding for them.

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