Former PhD Students

Name Cyclesort descending Final Thesis Title Supervisor Research Field
Yahya Mohamed Saeed Fatema XXXI Ciclo Ab Initio Investigation of Self-Assembled Nanostructures for Catalytic Applications Peressi Maria Material Physics
Casarin Barbara XXXI Ciclo A Structural and Optical Insight on Ge-Sb-Te based Nano-composites Parmigiani Fulvio Material Physics
Giusti Francesca XXXI Ciclo Intensity and fluctuation dynamics in pump-probe experiments in complex materials Fausti Daniele Material Physics
Pizzuti Lorenzo XXXI Ciclo Nature of gravity from the mass profiles of galaxy clusters Borgani Stefano Astronomy and Astrophysics
De Angelis Dario XXXI Ciclo Graphene-based interfaces as tuneable support for metal oxide nanoparticles Baraldi Alessandro Material Physics
Curcuraci Luca XXXI Ciclo A possible origin of the quantum mechanical behavior Bassi Angelo Theoretical Physics, Mathematical Models and Methods
De Masi Carlo Maria XXXI Ciclo The effect of the Initial Mass Function (IMF) on the chemical evolution of elliptical galaxies. Matteucci Maria Francesca Astronomy and Astrophysics
Aslian Hossein XXXII Ciclo EFFECT OF MODERN RADIOTHERAPY ON PATIENTS WITH CARDIAC IMPLANTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES (CIEDs): A COMPREHENSIVE STUDY Severgnini Mara Applied Physics (Cultural Heritage, Environment, Biology and Medicine)
Kerbizi Albi XXXII Ciclo Recursive fragmentation of a polarized quark Martin Anna Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics
Bottari Cettina XXXII Ciclo Solvation effects of ionic liquid/water mixtures on biomolecules Masciovecchio Claudio Material Physics
Moretti Chiara XXXII Ciclo Estensione di metodi approssimati per la generazione di cataloghi di aloni di materia oscura a teorie di gravità modificata Monaco Pierluigi Astronomy and Astrophysics
Brombal Luca XXXII Ciclo X-ray Phase-Contrast Tomography: Underlying Physics and Developments for Breast Imaging Longo Renata Applied Physics (Cultural Heritage, Environment, Biology and Medicine)
Durve Mihir Suneel XXXII Ciclo Study of multi-agent systems with reinforcement learning Celani Antonio Theoretical Physics, Mathematical Models and Methods
Chatterjee Chandradoy XXXII Ciclo Performance study of the RICH at COMPASS experiment for hadron identification in SIDIS physics Tessarotto Fulvio Experimental Physics
Gasparetto Thomas XXXII Ciclo Development of a computing farm for Cloud computing on GPU - Development and optimisation of data-analysis methodologies for the Cherenkov Telescope Array Longo Francesco Experimental Physics
Grisoni Valeria XXXII Ciclo Galactic Archaeology in the Era of Large Surveys Matteucci Maria Francesca Astronomy and Astrophysics
Sparapassi Giorgia XXXII Ciclo Femtosecond Covariance Spectroscopy Fausti Daniele Material Physics
Di Gioia Serafina XXXIII Ciclo Gli assorbitori densi nel mezzo Intergalattico e l'idrogeno neutro nelle galassie Cristiani Stefano Astronomy and Astrophysics
Fontanot Tommaso XXXIII Ciclo Experimental characterization of surfaces and metal-polymer heterostacks of optical systems for the automotive sector Vesselli Erik Material Physics