Current PhD Students | Earth Science, Fluid-Dynamics, and Mathematics. Interactions and Methods

Current PhD Students

Titlesort descending Cycle Research Title Supervisor Research Field
Abed Waed H.A. XXXV Ciclo Coppola Erika Oceanography and Atmospheric Physics
Allois Claudio XXXVI Ciclo Non assegnato
Areggi Giulia XXXIV Ciclo Bonini Lorenzo Structural Geology
Barago Nicolò XXXV Ciclo Lenaz Davide Mineralogy
Bartola Marco XXXV Ciclo Braitenberg Carla Geophysics of Solid Earth
Bernardi Francesco XXXVI Ciclo Non assegnato
Bertone Nicolò XXXV Ciclo Pini Gian Andrea Structural Geology
Biagioli Giovanni XXXV Ciclo Tompkins Adrian Oceanography and Atmospheric Physics
Blondel Simon XXXIV Ciclo Camerlenghi Angelo Non assegnato
Bourabee Donna M A M S XXXIV Ciclo AOUDIA ABDELKRIM Geophysics of Solid Earth
Busetti Alice XXXVI Ciclo Non assegnato
Cairoli Francesca XXXIV Ciclo Bayesian reasoning to monitor and control the behavior of large-scale cyber-physical systems acting in uncertain environments Bortolussi Luca Computer Science
Carbone Ginevra XXXV Ciclo Bortolussi Luca Computer Science
Casallas Garcia Alejandro XXXVI Ciclo Non assegnato
Cuius Arianna XXXV Ciclo Costa Giovanni Geophysics of Solid Earth
Denich Eleonora XXXV Ciclo Novati Paolo Numerical Analysis
Douss Nessim XXXIV Ciclo REBESCO MICHELE Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Geology
Facca Andrea XXXIV Ciclo Pipan Michele Applied Geophysics
Farooq Asma XXXIV Ciclo will be considered. Maset Stefano Numerical Analysis
Fornasari Simone Francesco XXXVI Ciclo Non assegnato