Earth Science, Fluid-Dynamics, and Mathematics. Interactions and Methods

Doctoral Programme PHD09 XXXVII Cycle Board of Professors

Doctoral Studies Boards - Coordinator
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Maset Stefano

Numerical differential equations

University of Trieste
Doctoral Studies Boards - Member
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Tesauro Magdala
Sincich Eva

Inverse problems for PDE's with applications to medical imaging, geophysics, seismology, non destructing testing of materials, acoustic scattering.

University of Trieste
Rosset Edi

Inverse boundary value problems for elliptic and parabolic equations and for elliptic systems

University of Trieste
Pipan Michele

Exploration seismology, near surface geophysics, ground-penetrating radar, seismic and GPR da

University of Trieste
Piller Marzio

Computational fluid dynamics

University of Trieste
Pedrizzetti Gianni

Fluid Dynamics and Cardiac Mechanics: Computational and theoretical methods, integration with clinical imaging.

University of Trieste
Novati Paolo

Numerical analysis

University of Trieste
Martinez Calomardo Angeles
Lenaz Davide

Mineralogy, sedimentary petrology, archaeometry

University of Trieste
Forte Emanuele

Near surface geophysics, GPR, data processing and inversion, signal attributes, geophysical da

University of Trieste
Fontolan Giorgio

Morphodynamics and sedimentology of coastal zone (beaches, lagoons, tidal inlets, foredunes,e

Fonda Alessandro
Differential equations
University of Trieste
Corradini Carlo
Braitenberg Carla

Geodesy and Geodynamics

University of Trieste