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Research cooperation: University of Trieste hosts University of Cagliari students


Between April 18thand 22nd, 2023 the GEP Lab (Laboratory of Economic and Political Geography) of the DEAMS Department welcomed professors and students of the DICAAR (Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture) one from the University of Cagliari. The activities involved a group of the Network Geography master’s course and of the Circular Economy PhD from the University of Trieste, along with students from the Sustainable Urban Planning, Earth Resources Planning, Logistics and Freight Transport from the Atheneum of Cagliari.  

The university exchange included training, lecturesand visits to logistic and transport sites at Trieste and Gorizia. Several activities were organised to strengthen education and research ties among students, teachers and local territorial experts. Participants could get unique insights on the territorial peculiarities connected to the port infrastructures, including those related to free points and border activities.  

In this context, after the first day of study visits to Trieste Interport and seminar activities in the afternoon, the students went on a trip to Gorizia and Nova Gorica (jointly EU Capital of Culture in 2025) on April 19th. The day after, in the morning students could attend training activities at the University Contamination Lab (C-Lab), where research contaminates with innovation and entrepreneurship activities. In the afternoon, instead, they could visit the Old Port of Trieste and the surrounding area, where several innovative projects are blooming as the close Portovivo urban forest.  

Lastly, the trip ended in the morning of April 21st with an interesting overview of the port infrastructure at the Port Secretary and a tour at the Adriatic Sea Port System Authority of Trieste. We thank University of Cagliari students for their participation and enthusiasm and hope to enhance collaborations in the next future. 

Last updated on: 04/26/2023 - 10:51