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Organization and practical information

The Graduate School (or Doctorate) in Chemistry is run jointly by the University of Trieste (UniTs, administrative headquarter) and by the University of Venezia "Cà Foscari" (UniVe). The two cities, located in the north-east of Italy, are ca. 150 km apart. Each Ph D position is either in Trieste or in Venice, even though joint events take place regularly.


The duration of the Doctorate in Chemistry is 3 years. Every year, on November 1st the Doctorate starts a new triennial Cycle. Typically in each Cycle there are on average 10 - 12 positions available, ca. equally distributed between Trieste and Venice. Each position corrresponds to one full fellowship. The candidates are selected (usually in July every year) by a Commission. The selection involves the evaluation of the CV (including a research proposal written by the candidate) and an interview (can be done through Skype). Fellowships are assigned to the successful candidates in order of decreasing mark. Applicants from every Country are welcome, provided that they have an undergraduate degree comparable to the Italian ‘Laurea Magistrale’ (Master degree). Applications must be submitted exclusively on line, through the UniTs website, after UniTs has released the competition announcement (typically in June) see (; for chemistry, see “Attachment 3”. 
For each position, the announcement makes clear: 1) if the position is in Trieste or in Venice; 2) if it is linked to a specific research project. At the oral interview each candidate will be asked if he/she has a preference for one (or more) specific position.
The successful candidates that rank below the last fellowship have a chance to be enrolled, provided that one or more of the fellowship-assignees resign.
The admitted students that have not selected a position linked to a specific research project, can choose among the projects proposed in Trieste and Venice, with slightly different procedures. For Trieste, the doctorate website every year lists a number of available projects (priority projects), but may change from one year to the next. For Venice, the website lists all the research topics active in the Department (DSMN, among which the student can choose. In both cases students make their choice in order of decreasing mark at the admission test (best students choose first). 

For the application, go to ( and on the left menu click on “How to apply” . Then follow the instructions and register on-line.


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