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Taught courses offered

Cycle XXXI

Cycle XXXI

The Department of Physics offers certain taught courses aimed specifically at doctoral students. Ph.D students may also include in their personal study plan any of the courses included in the  Inter-university Master’s Degree  in Physics as well as those offered by other institutions (such as SISSA,and ICTP, ...) of particular interest for their training and for the research they intend to carry out. Moreover, in the course of the three years, every doctoral student is required to participate in at least two national or international doctoral schools.

On the basis of the Study Plans approved, the corresponding courses will be offered from among those listed in the tables below. As a rule, in the absence of any special arrangements, courses have to have at least two students in order to be offered.

Following the indications given by the Teachers’ Board, the available courses have been grouped together into blocks according to their area, each with a single lecturer in charge, and as far as possible the corresponding end-of-course assessments will also be unified. In those cases in which the total number of hours offered in a block is much greater than 20 (for example, experimental particle physics with accelerators), a study plan may be drawn up which includes only some of the topics covered; the Teaching Committee reserves the right to approve the learning programme proposed. More information about possible study options available, for a total of at least 80 hours of lessons, can be found below the table of course potentially on offer.

In some cases, short cycles o seminars may be offered, of a total dursation of less than 10 hours fiIn alcuni casi vengono proposti anche cicli di seminari informativi, di durata totale inferiore alle 10 ore; per questi seminari non è previsto un accertamento finale e le ore corrispondenti non vengono in linea di principio conteggiate nel totale di 80 ore minime.

Whenever not explicitly stated, lesson-times are organized on the basis of arrangements made between lecturers and students. Most of the courses are held before the summer; some of the lecturers have already expressed a preference for the autumn because of other commitments.

Courses  conclude with an examination, the result of which is to be recorded by the lecturer in the student’s personal study evaluation booklet. Students are kindly requested to download copy of Personal study-evaluation booklet and use it to record the results of all the examinations you take. Once it is complete, send it to the Course Director.

"The Teaching Committee agrees to ask doctoral students to attend at least 80 hours of training courses, if possible including a course of specialist study in the spirit indicated above (*) (thereby excluding from this total those courses followed in order to fill the lacunae arising from changes in the student’s field of study when coming into the doctoral course) and also suggests that students choose a course of at least 20 hours in a subject different from the student’s own field of doctoral research.

The requirement to take part in at least two doctoral Schools remains. The Committee also agrees to encourage its Ph.D students to attend the seminars organized in their respective Departments and in general, the seminar activity proposed in the local scientific Institutions.

The Committee decrees that the training period should come to an end within the first year of study (**) (if possible within the first six months) and should only run over into the second year in exceptional circumstances, for problems beyond the student’s control."

excerpt from Minutes n.48

(*) extension or consolidation of training in their specific field
(**) as regards the courses




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