Former PhD Students | Earth Science, Fluid-Dynamics, and Mathematics. Interactions and Methods

Former PhD Students

Title Cyclesort descending Research Title Supervisor Research Field
Penrice Matthew Cody John XXVIII Ciclo Niemela Joseph James Hydraulics
Barjastehmaleki Shayan XXVIII Ciclo Fiorotto Virgilio Maritime Hydraulic Construction and Hydrology
Semie Addisu Gezahegn XXVIII Ciclo TOMPKINS ADRIAN MARK Oceanography and Atmospheric Physics
Shabrang Laleh XXVIII Ciclo Gacic Miroslav Oceanography and Atmospheric Physics
Santo Marco Antonio XXVIII Ciclo Armenio Vincenzo Hydraulics
Rui Leonardo XXX Ciclo REBESCO MICHELE Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Geology
Lopez Castaňo Santiago XXX Ciclo Armenio Vincenzo Hydraulics
De Pasquale Marco XXX Ciclo SALON STEFANO Oceanography and Atmospheric Physics
Palma Massimiliano XXX Ciclo Armenio Vincenzo Hydraulics
Kyrousi Foteini XXX Ciclo Armenio Vincenzo Hydraulics
Dal Cin Michela XXX Ciclo CAMERLENGHI ANGELO Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Geology
Vičič Blaž XXX Ciclo Costa Giovanni Geophysics of Solid Earth
Brunetti Anna XXX Ciclo Armenio Vincenzo Hydraulics
Cianferra Marta XXX Ciclo Armenio Vincenzo Hydraulics
Reyes Suarez Nydia Catalina XXX Ciclo GACIC MIROSLAV Oceanography and Atmospheric Physics
Terzić Elena XXXI Ciclo Marine bio-optical properties applied to biogeochemical modelling Salon Stefano Oceanography and Atmospheric Physics
Ferrante Giulia Matilde XXXI Ciclo A multidisciplinary geophysical approach to recognize and quantify the gas occurrence in the Northern Adriatic Camerlenghi Angelo Angelo Camerlenghi Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Geology
Graffino Giorgio XXXI Ciclo A study of the mechanisms of decadal variability of the tropical oceans and its impacts on Arabian Peninsular climate KUCHARSKI FRED Fred Kucharski Oceanography and Atmospheric Physics
Candoni Oliviero XXXI Ciclo Morphodynamic evolution of mass movements in the Crotone-Spartivento forearc basin, Southern Italy, through geological and geophysical data integration CERAMICOLA SILVIA Ceramicola Silvia Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Geology
Fantini Adriano XXXI Ciclo Flood risk estimation due to extreme climate phenomena over Italy Coppola Erika Erika Coppola Oceanography and Atmospheric Physics